YOUR COACH: Chris Lippstreu

I am passionate about running and cycling and am constantly exploring the races and challenges that South Africa has to offer in this arena. Getting a Masters Degree in Sports Science has sparked my passion for health, endurance and fitness. Commitment  and stamina amongst athletes in South Africa are ever present however the medium to produce the results are often challenging.

I have committed myself to international and local marathons, national endurance cycles races and stage races to more understand those pressures and apply it to my training with my clients to better provide them with a service that is sustainable and matched to their own personal challenges.


RaceFit gym is the leader in endurance sports performance.  Many endurance athletes focus on excessive hours of training hoping to improve their performance and although they might have some short term success, this approach usually leads to overtraining and potential injury.

Our focus is to improve performance through strength training with the use of kettle bells, Olympic lifting and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Through this method an athlete will  not only be stronger but more resilient to injuries. Additionally, the mental focus experienced with strength training also contributes to a psychologically stronger athlete giving them the edge to perform at elite levels.


The strength training approach at RaceFit is based around the idea that a stronger athlete leads to a better athletic performance. The improvements in strength gives our athletes the competitive advantage when it comes to tackling those hills or descending technical trails.

In our sessions you will be exposed to kettle bell training, powerlifting movements such as deadlifts, sled work and many other strength exercises catered towards making you stronger and more athletically prepared. Our training takes the form of group classes (max 8 people) but we also offer 1-1 sessions if the group environment doesn’t appeal to you.


Group Classes are available at just R162.00 per session on the following days:

  • MONDAY 6am, 5:30pm; 6:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY 6am, 5:30pm and 6:30pm
  • FRIDAY 6:30am


Why don’t you contact us and arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your fitness goals.

Email us directly, fill out the contact form or call Chris on 084 822 5491.

Our address is: 11 Imam Haron Road, Brookside Office Park, Unit F-09, Claremont 7708



🌻Wellness Wednesday 🌻

Reasons why you should be doing BOTH aerobic and anaerobic training weekly! Not only to improve your overall health but to be a more resilient and tougher athlete.

For cardiovascular orientated individuals, adding in ONE full body strength training workout a week will guarantee a better performance on race day.

Likewise, for strength orientated individuals, adding in ONE cardiovascular training workout a week will help aid recovery between gym sessions.

So don't skip the 🏃‍♂️or 🏋️‍♂️


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🔻Technique Tuesday 🔻

Today we focus on strength training for cyclists and the need to include it in your training program at least once a week. Many cyclists are cautious to strength training as fear of adding unwanted weight to their body. However, strength training doesn’t equal weight gain! Correct programming will allow for maximal strength gains with no weight gain.

Two exercises that cyclists can include into their training are the REAR FOOT ELEVATED SPLIT SQUAT and MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS.

(No gym equipment needed #winning)

Here’s the technique breakdown:
📍find a chair in your house.
📍position your rear door on the middle to end of chair, as seen in video.
📍slowly lower your weight to the floor.
📍the movement is almost in a ↙️ direction.
📍try to get your front thigh parallel to the floor.
📍drive through front heel and return to starting position.
📍 perform 15 reps per side : 3 sets.

Target 🎯 muscles: glutes and quads.

📍start in push up position. (👣 together)
📍slowly 🐌 bring one knee towards your hands.
📍maintain neutral posture ( hips don’t 🔽 or 🔼).
📍think about balancing a glass of water on back to maintain your trunk stability.
📍return leg back to starting position and repeat other side.
📍perform 30 reps (15 per leg)

Target 🎯 muscles: anterior trunk and shoulders.

Try these two great exercises to help build lower body strength and trunk stability which are both important to cycling performance.

Happy cycling!


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⛱ Therapy Thursday ⛱

Give your 👣 some ❤️ folks!

Spending long days in high heels or other work related shoes and can affect the function of the foot as a whole. Even the type of running shoe you use can be affecting your performance.

Performing some PREHAB exercises as shown in the video can go a long way to helping ensure that the toes and feet maintain proper function and prevent injuries.

Try these three exercises:
📎 big toe extension - move the big toe upwards while the rest of the toes don’t move
📎 perform the opposite of above - big toe doesn’t move while others are pulled back.
📎 perform both movements of both feet at same time AND independently.

🖊 NOTE the difference between both sets of toes. (My left foot doesn’t have the same control nor ROM as my right).

Look after your 👣 as they carry us around everywhere and as runners, foot health is important in ensuring injury free running.
Simple exercises like this which takes 5min of your time will assist in keeping your toes and feet in optimal health and potentially prevent injuries associated with running.

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✏️ Technique Tuesday ✏️

Today’s post is aimed at runners looking to improve their performance WITHOUT the need of gym equipment.

I have choose two body weight exercises that will target muscles of the lower extremity specially designed to help improve running strength.

The first video shows a SPLIT SQUAT movement. It doesn’t require a balance pad, a pillow or something soft can be used instead to protect the knee cap.

Target 🎯 muscles: Quads

Here are some tips to execute the movement correctly:

📌 start from the bottom up.
📌 both knees should be at ~90 degrees
📌 front foot weight is on the heel while back foot is through the ball of the foot.
📌 drive straight up as in a vertical movement
📌 movement ends when front knee is extended.
📌 ensure knee and ankle of front leg maintains a “straight” line. Avoid the knee buckling as you move up and down.
📌 same holds for back leg, watch that the leg doesn’t rotate inwards and that the ankle is facing the ceiling. (Those with limited ROM on ankle joint might struggle with this).

The second video shows a SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT (SLDL) movement.

Target 🎯 muscles: Hamstrings and glutes.

Here are some tips to execute the movement correctly:

📌 balance on one leg and place weight towards the back of the heel.
📌 the supporting knee ISN’T locked but has a slight bend (knee flexion)
📌lower the hands towards the balance pad
📌at the same time the “free” leg moves backwards being used as a cantilever or a “rudder”
📌hinge at the hip, maintaining a neutral spine and level pelvis.
📌 slowly lower your trunk to the point where your supporting leg allows before too much strain is placed on the hamstrings.
📌 slowly return to the starting point, maintaining good posture.
📌the whole movement is akin to a seesaw action.

Why I recommend these exercises is because they target muscles that are working repeatedly during the running action. Specifically, the SLDL is great to improve hamstring strength, hip ROM and ankle stability - much of which is ignored by some runners.

Perform 10 reps per leg and 3 sets in total.
After about 4 weeks you can increase the reps or sets to challenge the body more.

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Words of wisdom from Bart Yasso out of the latest Runner's World Magazine South Africa on how to run forever!

1️⃣️ STRENGTH TRAIN - "supplemental work can reduce injury risk, improve running economy, and contribute to good running posture"
2️⃣️ HAVE A GO-TO WARM-UP - "before a run, do some dynamic movements that will help wake up the muscles."
3️⃣️ CROSS TRAIN - "cross-training can help increase cardiovascular fitness if you engage in forms that keep your heart rate up."
4️⃣️ GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST FUEL - "better foods leads to better athletic performance, and a higher quality of life."

At RaceFit we are a firm believer in all the above principles and our clients are encouraged to follow them closely. As much as consistent running makes you a better runner, don't be scared to look to alternative methods to help get that edge and to improve your performance.

#RaceFitGym #RunnersWorld #OMTOM

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