Top 10 items to carry on your trail run

With the African X 3-day trail run a mere two weekends away, the trails around Cape Town and surrounds are swamped with running teams getting in their final training runs. With hill repeats, 400s and LSDs forming a big part of a runner’s weekly training program our focus shifts from training performance to running gear, in particular your trail pack or hydration bag.


As trail running takes a runner to very remote areas, the need to carry water, food and emergency supplies is crucial to ensure a runner stays on top of his/her running performance during their run. Although not all events require you to carry a compulsory kit supply, it is advised that you carry some supplies during your run.

Thus poses the question of what to carry during your run? Your bag needs to contain enough supplies to sustain you during your run or at least until you get a refuelling station, however, carrying too much can slow you down and even affect your running style.

Here is a list of the Top 10 items that trail runners should carry with them:

1 – Water or fluid mix (at least 1L)

2 – Basic emergency kit (space blanket, arm sling and gauze/bandages)

3 – Whistle

4 – Cell phone with ICE numbers loaded

5 – Food (sandwiches, nuts, fruit, energy bars)

6 – Thermals (buff, arm warmers, waterproof jacket/shell)

7 – Sunscreen

8 – Compass

9 – Map/co-ordinates info (advanced trail events)

10 – Head torch/ light

Although not all items in the above list are needed in every trail event or training run, it is always best that a runner is prepared for any event small or big.

We would like to hear from you and what you carry in your trail pack. Drop a comment below and share your list of items you never leave home without.

Happy running!


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